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Welcome to Readiness Is All First Aid

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Courses We Offer

Trauma Readiness 1 (TR1)

This is our flagship class. The class is 5.5 hours long, and teaches the student how to properly and efficiently care for a trauma patient. Part of the goal with this class is to instill the confidence needed to help someone in an emergency. Because that someone may be you. Instruction includes lecture, and aggressive hands on practice.

Trauma Readiness 2 (TR2)

Five hours of splinting, after a refresher. We get into splinting upper and lower extremities using SAM splints, and improvised splints. Then we put it all together on trauma manikins, using our TAB-C training we learned in TR1. TR1 is a pre-requisite for this class.

First Aid Assessment

We can assess your place of worship, business, or office for first aid needs. We'll walkthrough your location and assess what your first aid goals and budget are. We can make suggestions based on your needs and population. $37 for an office. $99 for buildings with max occupancy at or under 100 persons. $199 for buildings with max occupancy over 100 persons. Travel outside Post Falls may incur a travel fee. Give us a call to schedule and assessment.

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