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Trauma Readiness 1 (TR1)

This is our flagship class. Instruction includes lecture, and aggressive hands-on practice. We are of the mind that you have to actually practice (as close as possible) the tasks you intend to use in an emergency. Otherwise, it is too easy to forget those skills when things go sideways. We use the Crawl/ Walk/ Run method of teaching, so you can fully practice the skills before stress or scenarios are introduced. By the end of the class, students work in teams of two, assessing realistic injuries on adult, and child trauma manikins.

Our class will teach you:

-When and why to call 911.

-How to find and stop massive bleeding.

-When, where, and how to use two different tourniquets.

-How to pack a wound.

-How to maintain an adult or child's airway.

-How to assess a patient's breathing.

-Where and how to find a patient's pulse.

-How to treat cuts, gunshot wounds, burns, and penetrating trauma.

This class is 5.5 hours long and teaches the student how to properly and efficiently care for a trauma patient. Part of the goal with this class is to instill the confidence needed to help someone in an emergency. Because that someone may be you. No previous medical training is required.

While this class is regularly scheduled at The Center in Newman Lake WA, we can also travel to your location on a day that works for you. Give us a call or email with any questions, or to schedule a private training session. Our youngest age requirement for a student is usually 13, but changes can be made on an individual basis.

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