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I recently had the opportunity to take the Trauma Readiness 1 class. My overall impression is that this is a subject about which J.D. is very passionate. The principles he teaches are based on over 20 years of professional and ‘good Samaritan’ experience; the techniques are based on extensive research, seeking information from practicing experts in the trauma medicine field as well as working directly with medical device manufacturers to learn exactly how and when their devices were designed to be used. From what I could tell, every single thing that J.D. taught could be backed up by research or from conversations with practicing trauma specialists. The class is very well organized and relies on an incremental approach to skills development. Tourniquets, dressings, and bandages are practiced individually, and then practical sessions integrate their use in an emergency situation. The training aides used are all high quality and greatly enhance the value of the skills practice. I would say that this is an excellent class that should be a high priority for anyone who wants to prepare to respond to a trauma emergency.

-John H. Wilderness E.M.T.


We have taken numerous first aid and rescue courses, none of them have gone as in depth or had available as many real-life applications that were presented by J.D. during our company first aid class. It’s obvious how much work J.D. and his wife have done in researching and finding quality products for the first aid kits they provide. Coming to our place of business and spending time with us to practice with the items in the kit so we know when and how to use them impressed us so much that we bought a first aid kit from JD that is the perfect size to take hunting or backpacking. Thank you, J.D., for spending your Saturday afternoon teaching our team these life saving techniques.

-Frank S.

I recently took the Trauma Readiness 1 class with J.D. through a work sponsored training.  Little did I know that I would be using the skills I learned shortly after.  The class was extremely effective because it went beyond the instruction on how to help someone in an emergency situation and included real life role play.  J.D. had the entire class go through different emergency situations not just once, but many times.  He would coach us individually and as partners.  I thought this was highly beneficial since sometimes you will be by yourself and other times there may be people around.  The role play got me in the practice of calming down the injured person and asking him or her specific questions, specifying a single person to call 911, and using the tools within the first aid bag from tourniquets to specific bandages for their respective wounds.  I never knew how important a sharpie could be in your first aid bag to document important information to share with the EMTs that arrive on the scene. Even though I am not a doctor or nurse, I was recently able to put this training to the test when I helped an injured person.  It happened very suddenly, and before I knew it, I was keeping her comfortable, calling on a retired EMT who was on the scene to help me, making sure 911 was called, and keeping the bystanders calm as well.  I would not have been as prepared and confident in my process of handling the emergency situation without J.D. and this class. Everyone should have at least the basic training that is offered in Trauma Readiness 1.  Thank you J.D. 

-Kim P.

The Trauma Readiness 1 course is a great course. It is very hands on and well put together. J.D. is very good at what he does and explains a lot of important details that would often be overlooked. I highly recommend this class, I have personally taken it twice, and each time I take it, I learn more. This class not only leaves you with the knowledge of what to do in a precarious situation, but it also leaves you with the skills needed to perform correctly in a situation. And the RIA kits are great quality. They are superior to any other kit that I have personally seen. I would totally recommend both the kits and the class!

-Trent B.

J.D. is highly experienced and educated. He does a fabulous job of teaching valuable information in a concise way. I've been to many other MARCH and stop the bleed classes. The TR1 course is packed with critical information without confusing extras. Every piece of the RIA kits are well thought out and have a purpose. It makes developing these life-saving skills and using their kits easier to learn and remember for the average person. A++

-Jon C.

Our family took a 1st Aid course through RIA. Very professional and lots of good information. Would recommend them. Their instruction includes lots of hands on learning. Very helpful for kinetic learners! We also own one of their 1st Aid kits and are very pleased. It is very well put together and sturdy. Very user friendly. A+

-Candis B. RN, BSN

The class was excellent! Great mix of information and hands-on learning. We all gained a lot of good, practical knowledge and acquired some new skills. My 14-year-old commented on how much he enjoyed the class. Even my 8-year-old stayed engaged the whole time and learned a lot. Thank you!!!

-Alicia B.

The Ferrari of first aid kits.

- Alec J.

Great course on trauma and first aid. I liked learning what things work and what does not. With real life examples. Very up to date on latest medical equipment.

-Jeremy B.

I learned so much in such a short time. It was eye opening. J.D. was a great teacher, easy to ask questions, take notes.

-Ethan Y.

Great class! Very thorough. Very much appreciated the crawl walk run approach. Built on the principles discussed in beginning of class so it was easy to follow. Comprehensive implementation at end of class on manikins with possible real-world scenarios helped cement the information. Highly recommend.

-Jami T. PT

This class was very insightful and useful for a variety of trauma situations we may experience personally or see happen. The explanation of how to evaluate a situation, a trauma victim and how to use lifesaving 1st aid equipment was very thorough.

-Austin F.

This was a very organized and well put together class. The instructions are clear and easy to follow along and understand. The information is extremely practical and isn't intimidating. It was great to do practice runs and then go over all the details, whether it was good or missed steps. Definitely recommend to anyone, even if they have no formal training, as it can be understood easily.

-Rachel F.

This was an incredible experience! I feel more empowered to be able to help people! I had a lot of fun while learning very important information. Thank you for everything!

-Brianna P.

This was an awesome class. The instruction was clear, questions answered and the practice very realistic. The feedback was very helpful. I wasn't sure if I wanted to take the time to take the class, so glad I did! And the order of steps was so helpful.

-Kathy K.

It's an amazing class! I have taken it twice now and I learned so much both times and I probably should take it again. It gives a sense of security knowing that in an emergency I have a plan to follow and the tools to save someone's life and/ or my own. I would absolutely recommend to anyone! 10/10

-Micah K.

As a natural panicker this class is so great for me. I have taken it twice and hope to every year. I feel more confident each time that I will be able to deal with a trauma situation calmly and save lives. Jenny and J.D. make the class fun but filled with life-saving skills. Great class!

-Marah K.

This class has been incredibly informative and I feel confident I would be much more likely to be able to be helpful if I were to come upon a trauma situation. The instruction was thorough, the stories about personal experience were all applicable and eye opening. The on-hand training was surprisingly more stressful than expected but was an additional benefit as dealing with a real-life trauma experience would be highly stressful. The personal feedback from the on-hand training was precise and honest. Even though timing went over, J.D. and Jenny did not rush anything but kept things thorough.

-Shelly M.

Very well presented, easy to follow, approachable for questions made time in class very enjoyable. Equipment very well maintained. Would recommend course to anyone interested in learning how to react to a trauma situation.

-Craig G.

I came in having no idea what to expect and left feeling confident that I could help in an emergency situation. J.D. was very professional and helpful.

-Eric M.

Great class! Appreciate it so much. Glad to learn and practice so much.

-James M.

Now that I’ve taken the class, I can easily say EVERYONE should take a CPR class. However, I am so glad I took the class from RIA. It was a comfortable environment, questions were welcomed, real talk about real life situations, and you can tell that J.D. is highly qualified with his experience & knowledge. The confidence I feel now is a relief. Whether it’s for my own loved one or some one else’s I now feel prepared to take action to help save lives. Thank you RIA!

-Alyssa J.

I enjoyed the class. I am 77 years old with military, correctional and some medical experience. I have not had any similar training so I learned new things that could help me in my travels.

-Danny B.

Was really well done! I have a greater understanding of proper emergency situations and proper procedure in treating traumatic injuries. Learning to follow the proper procedures will save a life.

-Patrick F.

Very well done to leave me with information and skill I can recall. Repetition of information and demonstration of procedures was consistent and very helpful to instill basics. A great value was real world examples that related to best procedures and equipment. Well done J.D.

-Vance A.

J.D. is an awesome instructor with real world experience. His teaching is fun, practical, and applicable to all. Third time through his TR1 class and still learning new stuff! Highly recommend training with R.I.A. to everyone!

-Jon C.

J.D. is an exceptional teacher! He brought his diverse and valuable experience to our training. I learned much about responding to a trauma incident, and I am much more prepared to help someone in an emergency situation.

-Derek S.

Because of the possible dangers on a construction jobsite, it is very comforting to know that my team has proper Medical/ Trauma training. With the Kits provided and skills shown, we will be ready if any major injury happens. J.D.'s training is a step up from the normal C.P.R. or first aid classes.

-Jed J.

I found this course to be a step up in training that I have participated in past environments. Usually Industrial training is just basic first aid and C.P.R. The use of modern wound simulation gel forms and mannequins is effective and challenging us to perform tasks that are not usually taught. The situations simulated seem to be relevant with modern vehicle accidents and or violence in the public sphere, Thanks R.I.A.

-Matt H.

TR1 Class taught many valuable and lifesaving skills to me today. Not only did I learn how to provide medical help to fellow employees and any adult but also to small children. I now feel much more confident in saving someone's life. I believe the skills taught in this class should be something every single person knows.

-Robert P.

This was a great intro course. Very well ran, I really enjoyed the fact that everyone in the class got the opportunity to practice each step. The end exercises were very helpful and showed the practical use of what was taught.

-Grant E.

This class was great. It was more in depth than every other first aid class I've attended. J.D. did a great job explaining the process of saving a person's life with trauma. It was a great experience.

-Nicolas G.

The class covers all basic knowledge for a trauma class. Had great hands-on time with guidance. Really useful knowledge for the career we are in. Thank you.

-Landon P.

It was a very good class to attend. Learned a lot of things and perfected a bit too. I'm a lot better off now than I was before learning the whole process. Was very useful and not a waste of time.

-Elijah H.

This is the second time I have been trained with R.I.A. It was very helpful and increased my confidence going through it a second time. Super helpful and I feel prepared to handle a situation. Thank you J.D.!!

-Eric M.

Great Class! Well laid out and hands on. I have more confidence in responding to a trauma situation.

-Jeremy L.

I thought I had a good idea on how to perform the basic trauma skills but coming to this class opened my eye to what it actually takes. I have learned so much more than I thought I would. Thank you.

-Sam A.

The hands-on training was awesome. J.D. was very knowledgeable and very helpful during the session. I feel ready to assist if I come across someone needing help.

-Will S.

J.D. was very informative and easy to understand. Although it was a lot of information it was easy to remember and use during the test. I feel more confident now than when I walked in and although I hope to not have to use these skills, I will be ready if needed.

-Angie S.

A fantastic class for quick triage in short setting. Great Leadership and teaching that anyone can understand, as well as take part of.

-Gary H.

Lots of Good information. Class was taught in an easy, relaxed way.

-Steven L.

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