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Medium First Aid Kit

Medium First Aid Kit

SKU: 364215375135191

As with all of our kits, it comes with a CAT, and a SWAT-T tourniquet. This allows you to treat adults and children that are massively bleeding from a limb. The Medium Kit adds to the Small Kit's inventory with  a pressure dressing and a no sting antiseptic wound spray. It also has two U.S. made vented chest seals instead of the one that the Small Kit contains. The blanket is also upgraded to a SOL 1 person emergency blanket, which is larger and thicker than the Small Kit’s emergency blanket. The boo boo items are also increased with a small, American made, metal tweezer.


We have spent two years developing these specific kits, and their Vanquest bags. We have used all of our military, Special Operations, firefighting, E.M.T., and combat experience to give you what you actually need in an emergency. Nothing was chosen randomly, and everything has a purpose. We chose Vanquest bags because besides being a high-quality American company, the bags open in such a way that you can see most of the contents, right away. This keeps it simple, and you spend less time digging around, trying to open and close pouches, looking for what you need.


    All inventory is subject to change, based on available first aid supplies during assembly. Items replaced will always be of the highest quality, but may be from a different manufacturer. We strive to use American products wherever possible. Any questions, give us a call.



    CAT tourniquet (Gen 7)

    Reflective first aid cross

    Resqme glass breaker and seat belt cutter


    Vanquest FATPack 5x8

    CPR mask with elastic ear straps

    Two pairs medical gloves (non-latex)

    SWAT-T tourniquet

    NAR Emergency Trauma Dressing 4” Flat

    Duct tape

    Medical tape

    Small Sharpie pen

    Tweezers, U.S. made, metal

    Seven pack Medique medications (electrolytes, aspirin, antihistamine, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, calcium carbonate, loperamide)

    Burn Jel/ Bacitracin Antibiotic/ Hydrocortisone Cream 1%

    No sting antiseptic pain relief spray

    Trauma shears

    QuikClot Combat Gauze (3” x 4 yards)

    Compressed gauze (4.5” x 4.1 yards)

    Celox Hemostatic Granules

    Three Band-Aids

    3M Blue Steri-Strip (1/2” x 4”)

    3M Yellow Steri-Strip (1” x 5”)

    Two U.S. made Vented Chest Seals

    6” Cyalume Green 12hour SnapLight (chemlight)

    One person SOL blanket


    The Medium Kit is 7" across, 4" deep, and 8.5" tall. It weighs approximately 1lb 15oz.


    Medication packs are NOT child proof.

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